Most Imported Items to Import from China

machineryChina is one of the most important and recognized players in the global economy. Importing goods from another country can be a lucrative business. It can help to grow your business and also build a good relationship with foreign players. If you want to get started in importing goods from China, options are wide open. There are plenty of valuable goods and products that you can import.

The economic benefits for China and the rest of the world bring many benefits. China has particular business interest especially if it can reap from its raw materials. Enough said if you want to get started in importing from China, here are some of the most useful options.

Electrical Machinery and Equipment

The United States imported more than $147 billion worth of Chinese goods in the electrical machinery and equipment sector. The US heavily relies on China for electrical equipment especially due to its cheap labor. There are high taxes that would attract similar production companies locally, and thus US importers choose to go by the Chinese route.

Rice and Other Foods

American is a vast continent that is populated by millions of people. All these people need to eat every day.  Any country is always not able to produce all the food needed by its citizen on its own. There is always too much demand. China produces high-quality grains and other foods that serve the American market. Dog and cat foods are also high on the list. Though the Chinese imported goods market a tiny portion of the lucrative dog and cat foods market in the States, such imports still count.


The textile and clothing sector in China is quite expansive and lucrative mostly because of the cheap labor. China offers high-quality materials and apparels that are in high demand by the US market. The reason Americans love the Chinese apparels is not just because of quality, but because of the pricing, it attracts. The clothes are adapted to the American market as there are no worries of failure.


The automotive industry is in a constant and rapid rise in China. Importers bring to the American market different pieces from China and use them to repair other cars. New models of Chinese cars are coming up every day all specially designed to withstand the harsh American climate and terrain. America also co considers China as am essential assembly destination, with many American automobiles manufacturing specific auto parts from China due to its cheap labor.

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